GOP Rep Has PERFECT Answer For The United Nations…Conservatives Are Cheering!

More outraged has erupted after a President Obama-led United Nations anti-Israel resolution.

Obama instructed the US ambassador to the UN to abstain from what became a unanimous UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in disputed territory with the Palestinians.

Arab-Muslim nations dominated the vote against Israel while Secretary of State John Kerry chastised Israel’s settlement actions.

American Israeli supporters have had enough of Obama’s back-stabbing against a key US ally in the Middle East. The uproar has one US lawmaker drafting legislation to cut US funds to the UN, according to Fox News.

Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert told Kimberly Guilfoyle on “Hannity” he is drafting a bill to halt all US funds to the UN until they rescind a resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

Gohmert said his bill will also prevent American money from assisting any foreign government that recognizes Palestine as an independent state.

Watch the exchange here:

People have questioned Gohmert as to whether the UN would ever consider nullifying the resolution, he said.

Fine. They don’t need our help to be anti-Semitic.

He added that a trend within the Obama administration is to support “bullies over victims,” citing the administration’s reaction to the resolution and eagerness to make a deal with Iran.

Israel is “the only place Muslims have complete freedom in the Middle East,” he remarked.

The Texas congressman isn’t alone in his call to cut off money to the UN as lawmakers are joining cries to defund the UN. One political pundit, who isn’t a fan of President-elect Donald Trump, called for Trump to take control of the UN.

Israel is a key US ally in a war-torn, terrorist-friendly world most Americans never want to experience. Keeping that danger a world away from US soil is vital to protecting Americans.

Trump and his Republican allies should take swift and devastating steps against the UN in the first days of Trump’s presidency.

The world needs to know that the days of US pandering and saber-rattling are over

Source: Fox News

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