The Debate RATINGS Are IN, Here’s Who DOMINATED … IT WASN’T Even Close!

Americans have spurned action on the ball fields, and are watching the big fight for the country’s future on the presidential election campaign trail.

And the big knockout for debate viewing came from Fox television with the most watched debate of this election among all television outlets.

The third and final debate Wednesday between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump pushed Fox to the front of the ratings pack, and overall the debate captured more than 60 million viewers. Fox’s moderator for the debate, Chris Wallace, was heralded on social media as the real debate winner. (Read about Wallace’s TKOing the challengers here: Wallace wins debate)

The stats showing Fox News winning on debate night were reported in The Daily Caller:

According to Nielsen Media Research, nearly 11.3 million (avg) people tuned in to watch the final presidential debate on the network, making it the highest rated channel — cable or broadcast — of the night.

CNN’s 8.7 million viewers was good for second place among cable networks, while MSNBC’s came in third with 5.5 million.

Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen Media Research


Broadcast TV came in second behind cable with respectable numbers.

ABC averaged 10.9 million viewers, earning it the top spot among broadcast networks.

Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen Media Research

Fox wouldn’t be outdone debate night, taking highest honors across the board.

Fox News again earned top honors for all networks’ primetime coverage (8:00-11:00 pm, ET) for Wednesday, averaging 8.8 million viewers across that timeframe.

Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen Media Research

Despite hype about people tired of this election, the presidential debate drew massive numbers of viewers away from all other entertainment options. Even Trump got in on the Vegas action by pre-empting the debate with a livestream, news-style broadcast of his own on Facebook.

According to the data, more than 60 million people tuned in to the debate on Wednesday night.

Huge numbers of people also watched the debate online.

For example, the livestream of the debate posted to Donald Trump’s Facebook page reached more than 16 million viewers, during the debate alone.

As of this story’s publication, Trump’s stream had nearly 9 million views and had been shared more than 500,000 times.

Trump campaign debate video:

It’s amazing how Fox News outpaces any and all competitors on debate night with its coverage, yet mainstream media (i.e. broadcast stations and their cable affiliates) won’t recognize the number of Americans not wanting their liberal bias.

Mainstream media and Clinton supporters have pounded Trump with bias and BS for months and he’s still standing. And standing strong. He’s right on her shaky heels in the polls (within the margin of error in many) and not backing down from his positions. She is crumbling under the weight of so many scandals of the past, and so many more being revealed almost daily.

Trump’s strength, bravado and stamina are what will propel him past two-faced, crooked Hillary when the election is done. The people are watching Trump, longing for a new day.

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