Fox News Noticed STUNNING Fact About John Kerry’s Speech…This Is Outrageous!

Tensions continue to run high between the United States and Israel following the United States’ decision to abstain from Monday’s United Nations vote to condemn Israel for their settlement activity along the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at President Obama for the abstention and later asserted that he has specific evidence that the U.S. played a significant role in the creation and passage of the resolution.

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke publicly about the matter yesterday. In a speech lasting over an hour, Kerry placed the blame on the Israelis saying that their continued settlement activities are threatening the two-state solution and preventing a peace deal.

Fox News reported that “Kerry denounced violence by Palestinians toward Israelis, but discussions of terrorism were overshadowed by his criticism of Netanyahu’s policies.” The words “terrorism,” “Hamas,” “Iran” and “Hezbollah” were mentioned a total of 13 times while Israeli “occupation” and “settlements” were referenced 56 times in total.

Kerry’s speech was harshly criticized by Netanyahu almost immediately. He said that Kerry “’paid lip service’ to nearly a century of terrorism toward Israel.”

Counter-terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox & Friends where he argued that President Obama “is revealing his true feelings toward Israel in his final days in the White House.”

“Look at the last eight years,” Gorka said. “Look at the fact that the people who helped get President Obama elected, that team was sent to Israel to work against Bibi Netanyahu in the election. That’s all you need to know.”

Source: Fox News


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