Everyone Decided VERY Quickly Who Won The Last Debate. It Wasn’t Even CLOSE!

The presidential debate Wednesday night saw the Democratic and Republican nominees square off for the final time before election day, and everyone was watching for the winner.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tried civility for about a half hour, then dug into each other like two old boxers trading barbs and dancing around the ring hoping not to get knocked out. How would the media and voters call the debate?

As social media lit up with opinions, trending thoughts weren’t focused on the candidates, but on the moderator from Fox News – Chris Wallace. It was a definite TKO for the moderator.

He had to pull the candidates apart at times, jumping in often to keep the debate from getting out of hand.

He even handled the crowd, which isn’t easy at a Las Vegas fight.

Media outlets, on a rare occasion, agreed on the issue: Wallace won.

Americans got through the third debate successfully thanks to Wallace who obviously takes the debates seriously and worked to keep the candidates on track.

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