First Muslim Congressman Wants To Be DNC Chair…Just One MAJOR Problem!

An outspoken liberal seeking the highest post of the Democratic National Committee is under fire from opponents within the party for past tax issues and personal offenses.

The conflict raises new questions about whether Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the first Muslim congressman, is fit to be the party’s next leader.

Infighting over the next DNC chair pits rank-and-file Democrats against the elitists who want to promote another insider to speak for the party.

It’s a fight Republicans should hope the radical Ellison, who insulted Israel and has past ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, wins so everyone can see the heart of Democrats. From The Hill:

Ellison’s critics in the DNC and some supporters of Labor secretary Tom Perez, the other top candidate, are pointing to the Minnesota Democrat’s past troubles.

Those troubles, according to The Hill, include a federal tax lien for unpaid taxes, campaign finance violations and fines, and unpaid traffic tickets that led to his driver’s license being suspended multiple times. All this promotes evidence that he’s ill-equipped to lead the DNC.

Ellison’s detractors within the DNC say that it’s evidence he can’t manage his personal life and would be a poor choice to manage an institution the size of the DNC.

Bob Mulholland, a DNC member from California and one of 447 who will vote in the February election, says he has not backed a candidate and will not support Ellison.

“One Republican said to me, ‘You’re going to elect a tax cheat who drives without a license?’” Mulholland said. “It’s absurd.”

“If Ellison were running as a Republican, Democrats would attack him as a tax cheat, so I have no idea why Washington insiders are urging the grassroots to elect another insider.”

If you can’t drive or pay taxes, you can’t organize your life, so I concluded early on that he can’t organize for this job, Mulholland said.

Most DNC members reached by The Hill said they were hearing about all the issues for the first time.

“Every time he makes a statement about Donald Trump’s irresponsible policies, Republicans will come back and say, ‘Who is he to talk about being irresponsible? He couldn’t even get his finances in order and got sued by the state of Minnesota, or he can’t even hold on to his driver’s license without getting it suspended,’” said one DNC member who is supporting Perez.

“It will diminish his credibility significantly and take the focus away from where it needs to be.”

Ellison is one who followed the leadership of the failed Democratic presidential nominee this year. He is flawed, supported radical and racist ideology, and now feigns “redemption” for all his past ills.

He is another flawed candidate propped up by the Democrats will only work to support Republican success going forward.

Source: The Hill

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