What The FBI Said Could Be Hillary’s Undoing. She DOESN’T Want You To See This!

The Clinton campaign is being rocked by yet another release of documents related to her emails. But this time it’s not WikiLeaks.

This time it’s the FBI.

The Federalist reports that the latest documents released by the FBI on Monday show that Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy approached an FBI official asking him to “unclassify emails sent from Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server” in return for additional agents overseas.

Both the Clinton campaign and the State Department have denied that any such quid pro quo occurred, and the FBI agent who was approached reportedly declined the offer. No email classifications were subsequently changed, and interestingly, no additional FBI agents were allowed overseas.

Perhaps the quid pro quo didn’t occur because we had an FBI agent with integrity. But that integrity didn’t flow up the chain of command as it appears that FBI Director James Comey didn’t take this event into consideration as he made his decision to close the investigation into Clinton’s private email server and disregard for State Department policies and national security.

The FBI “determined that 81 email chains which FBI investigation determined were transmitted and stored on Clinton’s UNCLASSIFIED personal server systems, contained classified information ranging from the CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET/SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM levels at the time they were sent between 2009-2013.”

Sixty-eight of those email chains are still classified today. The FBI documents further state that “approximately 2,000 additional e-mails currently classified CONFIDENTIAL and 1 e-mail current classified SECRET, which FBI investigation determined were transmitted and stored on at least two of Clinton’s personal server systems.”

No evidence exists to support the notion that Clinton’s personal server was hacked. But the FBI also noted in the report that they did not receive all of the computers and devices that utilized this private server, so they cannot say with certainty that no hacking occurred. However, they did confirm that “foreign actors” gained access to those close to Clinton and were potentially able to view emails sent to or from Clinton utilizing this personal server.

Republican leaders including GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump have called for Kennedy to resign or be fired in the wake of this apparent quid pro quo.

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