Fake Conservative Columnist Blasts Trump Voters…Is DESTROYED By FOX News Host!

Mainstream media continues clawing for any excuse to explain why their coddled candidate didn’t win the presidential election.

They just can’t get past the fact their flawed, stalwart Democratic candidate couldn’t beat a newcomer.

Leftist media is again attacking voters who supported President-elect Donald Trump as racist people out to settle a score.

That argument didn’t go over well with one news moderator who is fighting back against the media elitists.

Tucker Carlson wasn’t allowing Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin to make blanket assumptions about Trump voters Friday night.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” challenged the self-styled “on the right” opinion writer to back up her suggestions that “angry white males” with racist opinions elected Donald Trump. She predicted a reliance on these alleged voters would lead to the demise of the Republican Party.

Carlson took the argument straight to Rubin. He said her assumption that angry white voters boosted Trump to a win “ is of course totally false.”

Rubin called Trump voters liars, claiming they were feigning concern for declining jobs and increasing terrorism. Instead, she said, they were secretly just “angry white males who think the country is changing.”

Watch the exchange here:

Carlson challenged her further.

“Do you have access to some special poll that the rest of us haven’t seen, that that proves that it’s not about jobs that it’s about their anger based on race?,” he asked. “You don’t know that and you claimed it anyway. Why?”

Rubin suggested it was “a big mistake” to assume voters are rational. Carlson questioned her rationale.

“No, you’re claiming that they’re immoral, you’re saying they’re racist,” said Carlson. “Why would you write something like that – in a newspaper – without having any fact to back it up unless you somehow have access to the inner thoughts of Trump voters. Why would you imagine you know their motives?”

Rubin further claimed the average Trump voter “has negative views about various minorities,” but quoted no statistics about how these voters view issues such as employment or terrorism.

Carlson was dismayed at her unsupported accusations:

You’re saying it’s not about jobs or terrorism it’s because they’re racist. Do you have evidence for that or are you just dismissing them as bigots because you can’t imagine another explanation?

When pressed for data, Rubin claimed the average Trump voter is “not affected by immigration and displacement” and earns $72,000 a year: “so that’s pretty good for them.”

“So, they’ve got no cause for complaints. They must be racist,” said Carlson shaking his head.

Before you call people racist, you better have some real evidence – and you don’t.

Trump supporters need more people like Carlson who will challenge and debunk mainstream media attacks against Americans.

Liberals don’t want anyone to have an opinion that differs from the leftist viewpoint.

Those who do are promoting one of many forms of hatred.

It’s the only “logical” answer dense liberals can fathom.

h/t: The Daily Caller

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