This Email Exposes Mainstream Media Bias Once Again

About a year ago, the moderators of the CNBC-hosted Republican presidential debate receiving blistering criticism from both the left and the right in the way that they grossly mishandled the questioning by going off on petty tangents rather than addressing important.

It turns out that the forum was a precursor to what was to follow, but that’s another matter.

As if we didn’t now, another WikiLeaks-published email sheds further light on the rampant and shameless liberal media bias among U.S. journalists (i.e., the Democrat-media complex) and may partially explain why the CNBC debate was so bad.

From Breitbart:

The latest example, reported now for the very first time (as are we can tell), shows CNBC’s Rebecca Quick — the co-host of the channel’s popular show Squawk Box and a co-moderator with John Harwood at a 2015 Republican primary debate — promising to support Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who had just been named the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Burwell is one of the principal spin “doctors” for Obamacare, which has ruined health insurance for millions of Americans, and which apparently prompted former Obama appointee Erskine Bowles to email Quick in April 2014 with praise about his protegee Burwell.

“Objective journalist” Quick responded quickly:

Less than three minutes later, Quick promised to ‘defend’ Burwell. ‘Thanks so much for the note—anyone with your recommendation is good by me,’ wrote Quick. ‘Wish I’d seen this earlier while we were still blabbering! I’m out the first two days of next week but will make sure to defend her when things get further along in the nomination process.

“This goes to show the blatant media bias out there almost all on the left,” Right Wing News observed.


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