Donald Trump Just TROLLED The Snowflake Media…Conservatives Are LOVING This!

LMAO, whining media suffered Wi-Fi whiplash when the master of media trolled them at a rally.

It’s a sign bush-league mainstream media and liberals won’t get the respect they demand from the next US president.

Leftists can look forward to four years of back-handed “thank you” comments from the one who dogs them for viciously attacking him during the presidential election.

On Thursday night, President-elect Donald Trump held another “Thank You Tour” rally. Here’s how he offered to help the media with their reporting:

Gasping for breath! Wi-Fi trolling? Trump = The. Master.

No mercy for snowflake journalists who can no longer find their safe place in the media ivory tower.

There is a place for protocol and tradition for the president in the environs of Washington, DC, and the White House.

But for everyday Americans, it is a refreshing atmosphere when the next commander-in-chief shows promise for popping the pompous right in the kisser when it’s deserving.

If only there were an emoji for “laughed so hard just peed a little” people could use each time Trump “bigly” stings the liberals.

h/t: Twitchy

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