Country Legend Takes Down Obama & Democrats In One Tweet…They Are NOT Happy!

“Obama, who?”

That soon will be the legacy of the president who hasn’t’ done much for eight years. He is frantically trying to screw up as much US domestic and foreign policy as he can before he leaves office.

Liberals are whining, crying, screaming “racist,” and grasping at any excuse to attack President-elect Donald Trump who threatens every aspect of President Obama’s lame legacy.

Fear of Trump’s success is palpable among liberals, and one world-renowned entertainer called them out like the cowardly devils they are.

Until recently, it would almost seem as if America has forgotten who the current president is, according to Twitchy. Obama has been flying under the radar, even as he campaigned for a losing Hillary Clinton.

Then the Democrats suddenly decided they CARE about Russia and so Obama got all tough with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is hilarious if you think about it.

Dump on top of that Israel, Obamacare, the Iran fail, millions of Americans out of work, and the attempts at forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood, and you have a nice big MESS that Trump and his administration will have to figure out.

Charlie Daniels, famous for singing about standing up to lying, cheating, bullying devils, called out Obama’s failures and Democrats’ fears of Trump.

Let’s face it, liberals can’t have any Republican succeed.

The Democratic party is in deep trouble right now. Many people are waking up to their nonsense and ridiculous policy ideas.

The LAST thing they want is for Trump and his policies to actually WORK.

Daniels closed his latest verse with straight-up truth.

Daniels’ tunes will last longer than anything the president has done.

Truth prevails for all, while Obama’s legacy of lies will fade away.

Source: Twitchy

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