CONFIRMED – New Details About Berlin Terror Suspect…The World Is CHEERING!

On Monday just after 2 pm ET a man drove a truck into the middle of a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and wounding nearly 50 more.

ISIS claimed credit for the attack.

German authorities initially spoke with a Pakistani man, but released him after it was determined he had no involvement in the attack.

The suspect, Anis Amri had been on the loose since the attack occurred, until now.

Amri was killed in a shootout with Italian police Friday. CNN has the details:

Amri, the subject of a Europe-wide manhunt since Monday’s atrocity, was stopped in Sesto San Giovanni — a district in the northeastern part of Milan — just after 3am local time, Italian police said on their Twitter feed.

When the man was asked for his papers, he pulled a .22 calibre gun out of his backpack and fired, police said.

The driver of the police car returned fire, killing the suspect. One policeman was injured in the shootout and is in hospital.

In a press conference Friday, Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said the man shot was Amri “without any doubt.” He added that one of the shot police officers, Cristian Morio, was recovering in hospital. A second police agent, Luca Scata, was unharmed.

The Interior Minister also thanked the “exceptional” Italian police forces, saying that they immediately identified and “neutralised” Amri.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni had informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the shootout earlier in the day, he said at a press conference Friday.

Source: USA Today

Source: CNN

Source: Dawn

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