CNN Spends Election Cycle Calling Trump Supporters Racist, Now Dealing With Racism Lawsuit

As President-elect Donald Trump’s popularity as a political candidate increased throughout the campaign, mainstream media pundits had to take notice. They often vilified Trump supporters as racists in the process.

CNN hosts and commentators have repeatedly leveled such allegations of racism.

“CNN host Van Jones called the election of Trump a ‘whitelash’ against a black president.” Michael Nutter accused Trump of demonstrating “a lack of tolerance for other people.” Others called Trump a “bigot, racist and misogynist” and claimed his election would only “embolden bigotry.”

The Daily Caller reported on Thursday that “after months of calling Trump supporters racist, CNN now faces a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit alleging racism from their own black employees.”

Now African-American CNN employees are speaking out about this hypocrisy by filing a lawsuit of their own.

Celeslie Henley and Ernest Colbert Jr. claim that they were paid less and had fewer opportunities for promotion than members of other races.

“Dramatic differences in pay, harsher evaluations for black males and fewer available promotions are among the evidence of the prejudice,” the lawsuit claims.

Henley’s and Colbert’s lawsuit emerged as their attorney, Daniel Meachum, was investigating another case of alleged racial discrimination at CNN. DeWayne Walker claims that CNN did not promote him “for 13 years because he is black, instead choosing to promote white employees.”

Meachum claims that his investigation has “uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination.” The lawsuit also claims that African-American employees deal with racial slurs from management.

“Upon information and belief, African-American employees have had to endure racial slurs and prejudicial biases from superiors such as, ‘it’s hard to manage black people’ and ‘who would be worth more: black slaves from times past or new slaves,’” the suit claims.

The Daily Caller reported that CNN has refused to comment on the cases.

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