Charles Krauthammer NAILS IT…Sets Top Democrat Straight After Caught Whining!

Democrats still cannot seem to accept the loss of Hillary Clinton. Even more so, they cannot accept that President-elect Donald Trump won. After all, the media wing of the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee did everything they could to ensure that Clinton would be the winner.

In the aftermath of the election, liberals cried foul as Trump won the Electoral College count. They staged protests. They urged electors to vote for anyone other than Trump. More recently, liberal celebrities demanded that Congress do all they can to “obstruct” Trump’s agenda.

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer appeared on “Special Report with Bret Baier” Tuesday where he bashed Chuck Schumer for his continued complaints about Donald Trump’s “Twitter presidency.”

The tweets are working. I mean, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be using them,” Krauthammer said. “As Chuck indicated, Trump has used it on North Korea, Ford, General Motors, on this issue… and it works. It has a lot of effect. He’s not even in office.”

Right now,” Krauthammer added, “Trump is wielding a two-by-four, and he certainly had to do it in the case of the House because these guys are mules.”

Krauthammer acknowledged that there will be challenges for Trump if he continues his tweets when in office.

It will be a little more problematic because people will be presuming policy out of this. It’s hard to be either detailed or specific enough in a tweet to actually make coherent policy periods,” he said.

Watch it here:

Source: The Daily Caller

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