CBS Exec Is WHINING About NFL Ratings Dip…Who He Blames Is STUNNING!

The NFL is in trouble. Ratings this year have consistently been lower than in previous years, significantly lower. Sports anchors across the country have speculated what the cause might be.

There is no shortage of who to blame, especially if you are CBS.

Breitbart reported that CBS CEO Les Moonves spoke out defending his network and blaming others for the low ratings.

“Moonves said that less-than-stellar ratings for NFL games earlier this season is the fault of Peyton Manning (retired), Tom Brady (suspended for the first four games) and Donald Trump (because too many people preferred his presidential campaign to football.).”

Breitbart asserted, however, that Moonves’ blame game does not work. Tom Brady’s suspension ended in October. If viewership were down solely based on Tom Brady’s presence, then the ratings should have increased when he returned. They did not. And we have had decades of superstar players retire or not play due to injuries without significantly hurting a season’s worth of ratings.

You cannot blame Peyton Manning either. The retired star did play last season but not every game. Yet ratings did not plummet for those games in which he was not playing.

Finally, when you cross reference the football schedule with the election schedule, there are very few overlapping events, certainly not enough to affect ratings for an entire season.

“Les Moonves knows all of this and continues repeating the easily-refutable NFL talking points about retired quarterbacks and Donald Trump instead of telling people the truth, which is that Roger Goodell decided to make his league the playground and showcase for radical leftist activists like Colin Kaepernick and others, resulting in a mass exodus of formerly NFL-loving fans who decided that some things in life more important than football.”

Perhaps if Mr. Moonves and the NFL want to improve ratings, they should pay closer attention to the game and less to the political statements of individual players. That is what viewers want to see. If they wanted to see politics, there are other networks for that.

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