Cardinal Calls Out Media For HYPOCRISY On Pro-Life March…Lefties In FULL MELTDOWN!

Women from around the country marched on Washington, DC, last weekend supporting women’s rights, or at least the rights of women who proclaim liberal ideology.

Opposing viewpoints, especially conservative beliefs, were oppressed by the masses marching for the liberal cause.

The harshest attacks were against women voicing support for the lives of unborn children. The tables are turned this week with the March for Life on Friday. It’s an annual event for women to counter the landmark Roe v. Wade court decision legalizing abortion.

One voice crying out in a sea of liberal oppression and giving voice to the unborn is Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York. He spoke with Breitbart News Daily on Thursday about the March for Life and his upcoming speech there.

“I was thinking of that last week, last Saturday, with the women’s march throughout the nation, which undeniably got a lot of attention,” he said. “I thought, wow, we bring in hundreds and hundreds of thousands annually, at the coldest time of the year in Washington, D.C., with people coming from all over the country, and it doesn’t get much attention.”

“Every year, we get more and more people,” Dolan said. “Every year, we get younger people, who seem to just know in their gut that something is wrong with the culture of death that has gripped our beloved country, that was built upon the inalienable right to life. Every year, you’ve got more and more people that stand up – as Jews, as Christians, as men and women of no religion, or any religion at all.”

His eminence believes dark, leftist culture is being challenged.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York

“Most of all, though, as Americans who want to reclaim the constitutional right to the sacredness of life. and the dignity of the human person, and to reclaim the constitutional rights that everybody, the civil rights especially, of the most fragile, innocent form of life now under attack – namely the baby in the womb,” Dolan said.

Rights for all life are championed by the growing masses across the country in a movement that is foreign to liberals, and ignored by mainstream media.

“What you’ve got is the isolated chic Left seem to be in total denial that there’s a strong pro-life sentiment in the country,” Dolan said. “I think you may have seen – it just came out a day or two ago from Marist College; Marist College has a sterling reputation for very impartial professional poll-taking – they’ve done a poll on the whole pro-life terrain, to find out that 76 percent of the American people are opposed to unfettered access to abortion. Seventy-six percent of our country believes that there needs to be genuine restrictions on the abortion license.”

Pro-life supporters have been painted as extremists in the past for supporting a child’s right to life pro-abortionists have been dubbed more rational.

“(Pro-abortionists) are the ones that will not allow any dialogue at all,” Dolan said. “They are the ones who will not allow absolutely any consideration of any restriction on the abortion license, even something as hideous and nauseating as partial-birth abortion. Absolutely not. We do not talk about it. We will not consider it. This is the kind of dug-in, close-minded extremist party, namely the pro-abortionists.”

Dolan told Breitbart he is hopeful President Donald Trump will announce even more pro-life initiatives while the March for Life is in progress, including the termination of “previous executive orders that only gave aid and comfort to the abortionists.”

Dolan recalled how the Obama administration used federal money to muscle groups such as Catholic Relief Services into providing abortion services and abortifacients, or else forfeit grants that would help them perform services for women which they indisputably excelled at.

“This is an ideology, and this is an intrusion, and this is a handcuffing of international aid organizations that is just counterproductive and downright unjust,” Dolan declared. “Thanks be to God now, that straitjacket has been removed from the extraordinarily effective religious relief organizations in international aid.”

Dolan’s voice rises above the liberal ramblings and provides support to the hundreds of thousands marching on Washington this week.

Their voices need to be heard to encourage all US lawmakers and leadership to take action supporting abortion controls.

Source: Breitbart

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