BuzzFeed Just Got Blasted From The Unlikeliest Place…They’re Getting Destroyed!

Mainstream media published at will anything promoted over the last eight years by the most liberal president ever.

They didn’t fact check live his statements or speeches. They didn’t blurt out condescending or demeaning questions, or try to shout down the president in a press conference.

Mainstream media damn sure didn’t print, televise or promote on the internet anything with even the slightest hint of scandal or embarrassment for the liberal king.

But put a little scandalous blood in the water pertaining to President-elect Donald Trump and mainstream media will eat its own getting scintillating news out to the world. ZeroHedge reported the feeding frenzy.

Democrat shill Chuck Todd cannibalized the liberal media Wednesday by ripping into the editor in chief of Buzzfeed, Ben Smith, for publishing a 35-page dossier of laughable content.

Content such as germaphobe Trump having Russian hookers urinate on him, or an irate Donald yelling at Ivanka to respond to her mother, whilst devouring a plate of chicken tenders, saying that if she didn’t her Mother would perish in a horrible accident.

Todd ripped into Smith for knowingly printing false information.

Watch it here:

All of the actors involved in leaking the “dossier” to the public have been discredited and humiliated, according to ZeroHedge. The humiliated span from John McCain to the CIA and of course to Buzzfeed reporter Rick “I’m a spy” Wilson – who published the trite piece.

All hoped the false information would derail Trump’s presidency and give solace to the cadre of his fellow Never Trumpsters, who’ve been waiting for the opportunity to discredit and rid themselves of his orangeness.

Once again, The Donald has proved to be resilient, admonishing his enemies , taking a flame thrower to them, effectively reducing them to a small, sad, pond of liberal misery to be pissed upon whenever he’s in the mood for golden showers.

Liberal mainstream media protected the leftist narrative for decades and now feels it can attack the right at will. Trump leans to the right and doesn’t cater to anything mainstream media demands.

Blatant acts of knowingly publishing pure lies to undermine, delegitimize, vilify and ultimately destroy Trump are disgraceful.

Liberal mainstream media’s days of peddling fantasy are over.

Source: ZeroHedge

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