BuzzFeed Betrays America And All Journalistic Standards…Enter Rush Limbaugh!

Rush Limbaugh was famously attacked when he said he hoped that President Barack Obama would fail. He was opposing Obama on ideological grounds, but his opponents took advantage of the situation to attempt to paint him as a hateful, racist.

Now that President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency is at hand, liberals and the media wing of the Democratic Party are taking aim at Trump. They are not only hoping that he fails, they are taking direct action to malign him without even requiring evidence.

That is precisely what happened when BuzzFeed published an unsubstantiated dossier claiming to have a series of anonymous sources in Russia who have blackmail-worthy information against Trump following CNN reports asserting that “Russia may possess compromising information on Mr. Trump.”

The Washington Times reported that Limbaugh “excoriated CNN’s Jake Tapper and Buzzfeed on Wednesday for a ‘coordinated’ attack on President-elect Trump.” Limbaugh said he believed Tapper knew what would happen but that he took the actions he did because traditional liberal methods for attacking Republicans have proven ineffective with Trump.

There’s a coordinated effort,” Limbaugh said. “CNN reports on the existence of the report but they don’t detail it. Jake Tapper, who wants to be known as one of the most highly respected journalists in the world, decides to start vomiting this stuff — but he doesn’t get into details. That’s a signal for BuzzFeed to go ahead and release and publish all 35 pages. And BuzzFeed does so while telling everybody that none of it has been verified.”

Limbaugh asserted that media outlets have had the same dossier for months but have refused to publish it because nothing in the report has been verifiable. Tapper tried to take the high road calling BuzzFeed “irresponsible.”

I can understand why President-elect Trump would be upset about that,” Tapper said. “I would be upset, too. It is why we did not publish it and why we did not detail anything specific from it. That’s not what we do. We’re in the business of sussing out what is true and what is false.” Yet that is exactly what Tapper did. By highlighting the story as breaking news, but not providing details, he lent credibility to BuzzFeed when they did release the entire dossier. Tapper, therefore, knowingly spread unsubstantiated and potentially “fake news.”

Listen here:

Liberals are now trying to play both sides of the story. They are simultaneously saying that the dossier is unsubstantiated and unverified and that the allegations within it are serious enough that we simply must investigate them. Limbaugh pointed out that this is the same liberal tactic that has been used in the past on Clarence Thomas and even earlier when George H.W. Bush met with Iranian officials to negotiate the hostages’ release in 1980.


Source: Washington Times

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