BOOM – Judge Drops BOMBSHELL On Recount…Hillary And Jill Stein Are FURIOUS!

The next president of the United States has secured one more key state after a federal judge stopped efforts to recount presidential election votes there.

It is a fitting end to chaos caused by a challenger who had no hope of winning anything other than contempt from voters.

President-elect Donald Trump will be confirmed the winner of Michigan and its 16 electoral votes.

A federal judge who ordered an immediate start to the recount early Monday morning vacated that order just a few hours after the state board on Wednesday voted to reject Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s petition for recount.

An end to the recount came after rapid-fire decisions from governing bodies.

The state’s Board of Canvassers voted to reject Stein’s petition to comply with a state appellate court order that scolded the board for letting it start in the first place.

That 3-1 decision ordered all counties put their recounts on hold by Thursday morning if a federal judge allowed the statewide recount to end. Everyone waited to see whether the federal judge would comply with a 6th Circuit ruling that essentially tells him to butt out of the question of qualification.

The federal judge’s order ending the recount made the state board ruling effective immediately.

Stein’s attorneys filed an appeal at the state Supreme Court, as well as a demand that two of the justices recuse themselves because they appeared on Donald Trump’s list of potential picks for the federal Supreme Court.

That would still leave a 3-2 Republican majority on the court, so that’s not going to go anywhere. The federal judge’s ruling was really the last nail to seal Stein’s recount fate.

For the record, the results of the recount showed only minor changes.

A key county completed its presidential election recount Wednesday, with Hillary Clinton gaining a net increase of 65 votes over Donald Trump. It’s a change of 0.158 percent, and hardly a threat to Trump’s overall lead of 10,704 votes.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, the recount keeps demonstrating its futility. The state released its day seven cumulative results, and precincts that reported 65.89 percent of the original election night results have completed their work. The net change has been the addition of 1,036 votes, with Clinton leading in those by 82.

That leaves Clinton with 22,535 votes to make up with the remaining 34.1 percent of the vote, which is as likely as Jill Stein getting an additional 2 million. Thus far in the WI recount, the results have changed by 0.0535 percent.

Despite the fact recounted votes aren’t going to change the election, Stein continues legal attempts to thwart the will of the people. She’s acting more like a sore-loser Democrat than an independent candidate.

Trump won the election. Everyone should accept that, including all electoral college members who should select only the candidate state voters chose.

h/t: Hot Air

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