BOOM: Bobby Knight Drops A TRUTH BOMB For Trump … The PC Crowd Will HATE This!

A wave of renewed energy for Republicans continued to wash across the country with a week remaining in the presidential election.

Republican nominee Donald Trump rallied supporters in key states buoyed by high-profile supporters.

Bobby Knight, legendary Indiana basketball coach and world-class speaker, didn’t mince words at a Michigan rally Monday. Knight let loose on Trump’s unparalleled qualifications and the need for someone of Trump’s character in the White House.

“Donald Trump is a tough son-of-a-bitch,” Knight said. His words echoed many speeches given in locker rooms at times when the team needed a clear vision on how to win. “At this time in our life we need a Donald Trump more than we’ve needed anybody since George Washington.”

Watch the video here:

Knight said the past eight years have been bad, and Americans don’t want any more of the same. Trump cares about accomplishments, according to Knight, that will help the nation.

“He brings the tools with him,” Knight said. “He’s prepared. There’s no one who even begins to have the kind of background for this job that Donald Trump has.”

Trump has said he can protect the country against foreign enemies.

“They don’t want Donald Trump as president because they know how tough he is,” said Knight.

A Trump administration is one that can’t be bought by foreign governments, Knight said, and one that will keep the country on track. Knight praised Trump as a person dedicated to the US military, its veterans and all families connected to the military.

As reported on Mediate:

“I’m gonna tell you one thing,” Knight said. “In a Donald Trump administration, there will be no bullshit.”

The crowd couldn’t get enough, roaring approval for the candidate. Earlier, Knight said:

“We need a Donald Trump,” Knight said. “And I only know one. So that’s the only son of a bitch we know is Donald Trump,” Knight said. “We need him. You need him. Your children need him. Because we need to have somebody in there that is smart, that’s tough and that loves the United States of America.”

“There’s only one Bobby Knight,” Trump said as he and the crowd applauded Knight.

Knight showed how Trump’s candidacy appeals to the heart of America. Liberals and their media dogs who support the Democrat have no sense of what fuels most Americans today.

Knight and Trump are controversial public figures. All great leaders in the US have been controversial public figures. Most Americans don’t want simply more of the same as offered by the Democrat in this presidential race.

Vision and revolution, like the founding father George Washington, are what this country craves and exactly what Trump offers.

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