Black Lives Matter Is OUTRAGED Again…Who They’re Attacking Now Will SHOCK You!

Political correctness has run amok in the US, and anyone who denounces the vindictive PC culture is quickly attacked in an often violent and non-PC manner.

Rational people have the common sense to understand when someone is joking while the irrational left continues to verbally assault anyone who jokingly refers to a topic sensitive to liberals.

Good news for sane people is the left is rapidly losing its grip on reality and the public conversation. More people are realizing “enough is enough” when it comes to a PC world.

Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld has tackled public topics with some snarky commentary over the years. His latest social media comment brought condemnation from mainstream media and PC watchdogs who found the public is biting back.

News agency MSN spread the word about the tweet in an effort to undermine Seinfeld.

In some of the most non-Bee Movie-tangent attention Twitter has ever paid Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian is facing a swift backlash after using Black Lives Matter as the punchline in a bad tweet.

The tweet was a promotional one that had Seinfeld hyping an upcoming Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode that features Lewis Black.

It seems that once the pun struck Seinfeld, he could not turn away, writing, “New! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee … Lewis Black. Black’s life matters.”

MSN couldn’t stop its internal bias from further tagging the comedian as anti-civil rights.

Beyond the general groan it elicited, the tweet struck the wrong nerve in critics, particularly given Seinfeld’s lack of vocal support for the Black Lives Matter movement itself.

Indeed, the last time Seinfeld found himself in hot water, it was 2015 and he was declaring, “I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that.”

At the time, Seinfeld argued against all of the rampant and “creepy” political correctness, and it’s safe to say the objections to his tweet won’t have him changing his tune.

The land of tweets and twits piled on to attack Seinfeld:

Others called out the whining liberals of the world:

Source: MSN

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