Bill O’Reilly DESTROYED ‘Conservative’ Columnist … She Wasn’t EXPECTING This!

The Washington Post has never been a friend of Republicans, and blogger Jennifer Rubin is no exception.

Rubin has repeatedly expressed her opinions about Republican nominee Donald Trump in the most unflattering of terms while praising Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at every turn. She also trashes conservative news outlets as partisan and biased.

Rubin appeared on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor and was ill prepared to back up these arguments.

Host Bill O’Reilly began the segment with several of Rubin’s published statements about him and his reporting. In a September article, Rubin wrote, “It is not even surprising that talk radio hosts, Fox’s fake news people (…Bill O’Reilly), right wing blogs and anti-immigrant extremists buy into his candidacy.”

In another blog post she wrote, “Trump should do interviews with real news people, not Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, in preparation for the debates. He’s otherwise in for a rude awaking when someone asks a real question.”

That last statement was comical in light of recent evidence of collaboration between the press and the Clinton campaign regarding questions she will receive.

O’Reilly asked Rubin to back up her statements and tell him what he’d done to receive such an opinion. Rubin responded by accusing O’Reilly of being “in the spin zone,” a play on his “no spin zone” catchphrase.

When asked for a specific example, she brought up O’Reilly’s criticism of CNN host Anderson Cooper’s job as a debate moderator in a recent presidential debate. She claimed that O’Reilly claimed that “the fix was in” as she held up a paper purported to include a list of O’Reilly’s biased statements. O’Reilly responded that his statement was about all of the debate moderators, including Cooper, being registered Democrats.

Rubin continued claiming that O’Reilly consistently takes on “the argument of the candidate rather than a acting as an independent person.” When pressed for an example, Rubin’s arguments and the paper she kept holding up started to fall apart. She claimed that O’Reilly made excuses for Trump’s comments about women and even had dates when he had apparently done so.

But when O’Reilly asked her what he’d said on those days that illustrate him making excuses, Rubin responded with comments he’d made about reporters. She clearly could not find the dirt on her list that she was hoping to find so she diverted to another topic.

The other statement that she claimed was biased about reporters centered around comments that O’Reilly had made about dishonest reporters. He argued that they should have their press credentials taken away. Shouldn’t we all want press credentials taken away from dishonest reporters? That should be the case regardless of party. But apparently that’s a partisan idea for Rubin. Does she know something about the honesty of Democratic reporters that the rest of us don’t?



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