Barack’s Signature Law Is About To Be Forever Destroyed…Obama Is Angry!

Americans aren’t afraid to fight for what they want or need, and healthcare is now the battleground for everyday people wanting to better their lives.

Private business and government bureaucrats crushed Americans between them for decades with both sides trying to make as much money off sick people as possible. People cried for help and President Obama delivered on one of his promises – socialist-style healthcare for everyone.

Problem is, he promised a utopian world of healthcare and delivered a fat bunch of lives that has cost the nation billions and individuals access to quality, affordable health services.

The good news is the president’s legacy plan for the people, Obamacare, is sputtering and wheezing on its death bed with no life support. Republicans have placed a DNR – Do Not Resuscitate – order on the failed system, and Obamacare’s death certificate will soon be officially stamped deceased.

Lawmakers met late into the night Wednesday through early Thursday morning debating details of how Obamacare will be repealed and replaced. From USA Today:

Senators voted 51-48 to approve a budget resolution that Republicans will use as a vehicle to speed through repeal of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. House leaders plan to take it up Friday.

Republicans said the 2010 health care law is broken and must be repealed and replaced with something better, USA Today reported. Critics of the law cite sky-rocketing premiums, high deductibles and fewer health care choices for patients as insurers pull out of the program.

“When Obamacare’s supporters forced their partisan law on our country, they promised an easy-to-use system; one that would lower premiums and out-of-pocket health care costs; one that would foster choice and allow families to keep the plans and doctors they liked,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. “But it didn’t take long for the American people to discover the truth about Obamacare

Too many have been personally hurt by this law. Too many feel they’re worse off than they were before Obamacare.

Democrats readily oppose changes to Obamacare, saying it will cost the country too much money and strip health insurance from millions of people.

“We’re going to use every tool at our disposal through legislation, through regulation, to bring replace concurrent along with repeal, so that we can save people from this mess,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., told reporters.  

At a press conference Wednesday, Trump said he is prepared to offer a detailed replacement plan as soon as his nominee for Health and Human Services secretary – Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga. – is confirmed by the Senate.

Congress isn’t waiting to move forward and Democrats will be on the sidelines screaming as the effort passes. Republicans want legislation completed as early as Jan. 27.

Republicans are using a procedural tactic known as budget reconciliation to prevent Senate Democrats from being able to block an Obamacare repeal. The procedure allows the Senate to pass a repeal with only a simple majority of 51 votes rather than the 60-vote super-majority required for most major bills. Republicans have 52 seats in the Senate.

Trump promised throughout his campaign Obamacare would be gone once he’s president.

Unlike his predecessor, Trump plans to fulfill his promise and has the backing of a Republican-controlled Congress.

The plug is about to be pulled on Obamacare.

Source: USA Today

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