As Obama Says Goodbye…’Objective’ Journalists EXPOSE Themselves For What The Are!

Eight years ago, our country was preparing for one of the most incredible traditions in history. We saw a peaceful transfer of power from one party to another based on the will of the people. The American experiment was designed for such a time as that. Now as we prepare to see that transition occur once again, it is time for the outgoing president to offer his final message to the American people.

President Barack Obama addressed the country Tuesday from his hometown of Chicago. The president was greeted with an extended standing ovation which reoccurred several times throughout the nearly hour-long speech. I

n his final speech to the nation, Obama called for another peaceful transition, touted the accomplishments of his administration, took some pot shots at his successor and offered a rather long series of “thank you” messages for his family, Vice-President Joe Biden and his wife, his staff and the American people.

The live audience clearly loved his speech. They called for “four more years,” they booed as he announced his “final” point and they cheered constantly. But the journalists at BuzzFeed had quite a different response.

Business Insider reported that “BuzzFeed journalists turned to Twitter on Tuesday night to say they were left in tears by President Barak Obama’s farewell address to the American people.”

The organization’s ethics statements reportedly say that “reporters and editors should refrain from commenting in a partisan way about candidates or policy issues.” A point made by former BuzzFeed reporter Benny Johnson.

Apparently, they just could not contain themselves during the President’s speech. BuzzFeed’s executive editor Saeed Jones wrote, “I haven’t cried like that since the Formation tour.” Reporter Ellie Hall wrote, “Did we deserve the Obamas as President and First Lady.” Other editors just kept the tears flowing.



Source: Business Insider

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