AP Reporter Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claim About Obama…This Is Ridiculous!

Almost daily now we are hearing or reading political pundits as they offer their opinions on the legacy of our first African-American president. This is typical behavior for the press in the waning days of a presidency.

Given his liberal philosophy and liberal use of his executive pen, you might think that the mainstream media would have a lot of praise for the outgoing president.

Associated Press White House correspondent Julie Pace appeared Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where she weighed in on the legacy of President Obama.

Pace said of Obama that he will “be looked at as a consequential president in terms of actions he took and the range of issues that he’s dealt with both in the U.S. and overseas if you look at everything from economic crisis to the civil war in Syria.”

Most notably, Pace asserted that “part of [Obama’s] legacy will just be the lack of scandal, the fact that he and his family were really beloved by many Americans and respected by many other Americans who may disagree with them on policy.”  Pace stressed that much of the presidency is about the “tone that you set” and how a president is “viewed personally by the American public.”

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It has been nice not to turn on the news and see the daily scandal report like we saw back in the Clinton years. But the tone that was set by Obama is not widely praised.

Obama refused to work with Congress relying instead on his executive pen. He repeatedly apologized to the world for just about anything anyone thought could be offensive. And he significantly weakened our standing internationally by refusing to stand strong when American interests were threatened.

It is actually quite sad that the most an AP reporter can say about Obama is that he avoided scandal and people liked his family. That is noteworthy, but a president should be much more than that.

Source: Breitbart


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