Anti-Trump Violence Is Spreading And The Mainstream Media Is Turning A Blind Eye To It

Members of the mainstream media appear to eagerly report every instance of even potential violence at campaign events for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. But they also appear to be just as ardently ignoring the news that many of these activities were in fact sponsored by Democrats. Omissions such as those as well as the level of contention between the presidential candidates and their parties has led to a rising level of violence against Trump supporters.

Just look at social media and you will see images of stolen signs and campaign workers stealing campaign material with which they don’t agree. Recently, a North Carolina Republican Party office was bombed. The event did garner some media attention but was quickly swept under the rug and forgotten.

Project Veritas has released video evidence of Robert Creamer and Scot Foval, both senior Democrat operatives, discussing how they would incite Trump supporters in an attempt to garner negative media attention at Trump events. Foval is seen on camera saying “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this…we’re starting anarchy here.”

Despite his felony convictions on bank fraud charges, Creamer reportedly visited the White House more than 300 times.  He claims in the video that the Clinton campaign is fully aware of his activities and that he actually works for the Clinton campaign. “Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on,” he states. The campaign “is fully in it.” Some in the Democratic party are not as eager as Creamer to participate in such activities, fearing that the Democrat-incited violence will create a backlash and actually help Trump.

Trump spoke about the video specifically in the final presidential debate. “When I saw what they did, which is a criminal act by the way, where they’re telling people to go out and start fist-fights and start violence. In particular in Chicago people were hurt, and people could’ve been killed in that riot. And that was now all on tape started by her.”

While all of the violence at Trump rallies, which we now know was largely orchestrated by the Clinton campaign, gets endless media attention, anti-trump violence is going largely unreported. Matthew Vadum compiled a list of attacks which have garnered little media interest but are in fact newsworthy. These includ violent crimes such as multiple assaults, vandalism, murder threats.

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