Anti-Trump Activists EXPOSED…They Say They’re For Peace But WATCH THE TAPE!

Liberals continue their onslaught against America as they work to oppress and indoctrinate school children to adopt their radical ideals.

Leftists have infiltrated all aspects of education from colleges down to kindergarten. The radicals know this is the fastest way to affect masses of people at an early age with only rare challenges to their radical teachings.

Radical left ideology was exposed this week when a school teacher was captured on video acting out the assassination of President Donald Trump.

The video captured on social media is shocking:

SHOCKING VIDEO as a teacher "shoots" Trump in middle of a classroom full of students while yelling "DIE!". SHARE if you think this lady needs to be fired … its time to TAKE AMERICA BACK .. and then MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Secret Service in Irving, Texas, told The Gateway Pundit Wednesday evening the agency is “aware” of a video posted to Instagram that shows a school teacher acting out an assassination of President Trump on Inauguration Day in class.

It is clear in the video the teacher is screaming, “Die!”, as she points a water pistol and fires about a dozen times at an image of Trump projected on a whiteboard.

While it is not clear in the 8-second video if students are in the class, garbled voices can be heard in the background.

The video was posted on Jan. 20 to the account of Payal Modi aka payelemm, with the caption, “payalemmWatching the #inauguration in my classroom like….#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday”

A copy of the video was posted to YouTube and reported on earlier Wednesday by Resistance Media. It appears the teacher posted the video of herself acting out the assassination attempt on Trump in class.

The Twitter account with her name on it has the following bio:

“Payal Modi
High School Art Educator, Designer, and Foster Mommy

Dallas, TX
Joined July 2016″

The video was posted on Instagram, but is no longer available.

Americans can only hope the Secret Service and any other appropriate law enforcement find this teacher and arrest her. Teaching students to kill someone, which is similar to terrorist training, cannot be allowed.

The school district employing this teacher should immediately fire here, and parents should rally against the school board to make immediate changes to all supervisors in her school.

This teacher’s actions, while accepted by radical liberals, is a sickening example of what the left wants to do to America. People should work to stop liberals any way possible to keep the radicals away from America’s children.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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