After Obama SHOCKS America In Final Days…Republicans Are Fighting Back In A Huge Way!

A last-minute presidential ban of energy expansion may be the catalyst that unites Republicans to overturn legal maneuvers pandering to extreme environmental concerns.

Obama enacted a ban on drilling on oil from the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans earlier this week with a stroke of a pen and no input from Congress. His ban was also designed to block the president-elect from any say in the issue.

Obama’s ban, one of many presidential actions defying representatives of the people, is facing a fight from Republicans that could kill another of his legacy actions.

From The Hill:

Spokesmen for Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young, both Alaska Republicans, said the lawmakers would consider proposing legislation to help President-elect Donald Trump overturn the bans if necessary.

“The Congressman believes this decision can be overturned by the incoming Administration and will be encouraging President Trump to do so. In addition, Congressman Young will also pursue legislation to overturn this decision,” Matt Shuckerow, Young’s spokesman, told The Hill.

The ban, passed on Tuesday, states most of the United States’ portion of the Arctic Ocean would indefinitely be closed to drilling, along with 31 undersea canyons on the edge of the continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean.

The actions are a major step further than Obama’s previous efforts to block Arctic and Atlantic drilling. He removed both from the calendar of new drilling lease sales between 2017 and 2022. That action was only temporary though, and one Trump could reverse.

But for the indefinite bans, Obama invoked a measure in a 1953 law, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA). Presidents have invoked the so-called 12(a) authority before, but usually to protect smaller areas for a limited period of time.

Lawmakers and industry experts believe Obama’s latest bans could be reversed by Congress or Trump. It may cause a long legal battle, but it’s likely the bans would not hold.

Obama’s brazen arrogance toward Congress, Trump and the very people he claims he serves is astounding.

All lame-duck acts he’s taken are nothing more than his arrogant attempt to secure his legacy and thwart Republican leadership.

Everyone watching his last days are also looking toward a Trump administration bound and determined to send Obama’s legacy down the drain.

Source: The Hill

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